Tip 550 Horoz Hard Wheat Flour


Natural Taste From Wheat!

Tip 550 Horoz Hard Wheat Flour
The Specifications;
  • Moiture (%) : 14.5 Max
  • Protein (%) : 10.50 Min
  • Gluten (%)  : 28 Min
  • Ash (%)      : 0. 550 Max
  • Packaging : 50 kg PP bagl, 25 kg PP bag
  • Energy: 110-120
  • Water Absorbtion: 58%min
Structural Features
High elasticity, strong and resistant dough is obtained.
The yufka is easy to open and tear free.
Does not make the edge during baking.
It has high syrup and oil absorption.
Bright color is obtained in pastry and baklava.
Standard product is obtained.
The product stalls late when appropriate conditions are met.

Packing and Storage Conditions
It is not convenient to make new bread flour from wheat. It should be rested for 7-10 days in suitable storage conditions before being put on the market.
During the resting of the flour, there are some biological changes within it, and the bread quality is rising.
The material used in the packaging of the flour should be air permeable but resistant to dripping.
Woven fabric bags, kraft paper bags and polyethylene bags should be used as flour packaging material.
The flour is stored in the processing places and should not be kept together with the substances that will give a bad smell on the vehicles, which will affect their taste and other properties.
The flour should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
The floors should be smooth, the walls are smooth, easily cleanable, the material is not spilled, the products are not adversely affected.
The overhead ceiling and roof runner must be insulated to prevent leakage and to avoid being affected by temperature changes.
Packages containing flour should be freely routed around dry ground and plastic grilles and at the same time should be stacked in good weather conditions, loaded and emptied in these conditions and not exposed to rain.
It should be consumed within 12 months of production date.
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